Ways to Recycle Roofing Shingles

Roofing Shingles

If you are environmentally conscious and want to recycle or reuse what you can, then you may want to consider some of the many options available to you as you replace your roofing shingles in Atlanta. Here are a few of our suggestions on where to use them instead of hauling them to the dump.


There are several areas around the house where you can use shingles to fix some of your problems. For instance, because asphalt shingles come with traction, you can save some up for the winter months and then lay them down on icy sidewalks. You can also nail them onto planks in your unfinished attic and use them as tiling. It also doesn’t hurt to save a few for your garage to catch oil drips from your engine.
You can also use shingles for other home projects, especially if they’re in relatively good condition. You may have enough to tile the roof of a dog house, or to put into a home decoration project like a doormat.


Instead of buying weed barrier fabric for your garden, consider using your old shingles instead. It doesn’t matter if they’re scuffed or ugly. Place intact shingles around your plants with enough overlap so that weeds can’t push through and then cover over it all with woodchips or rocks.
If you don’t mind the look of your shingles, you could also lay them down as a garden path instead of buying gravel or pavement stones. Since the shingles are uniform, you can make some very precise lanes with a unique style.


You may not realize this, but some organizations will actually take shingles that aren’t too worn. If you don’t have any projects that require old shingles, you can donate them to Habitat for Humanity instead of throwing them out. Whether you have architectural shingles or 3-tab asphalt shingles, call them up and ask them if they can use your old shingles in any of their building projects.