Types and Uses of Construction Materials

New construction is exciting. From the building concept, to design, and then breaking ground, you visualize the finished structure in your mind. Whether you’re erecting a new home, office site, or business complex, it’s essential you research, then use the right type of discount building materials in Atlanta. 

Ground-up construction is a complex job. Your choice of building supplies will vary based on the weather patterns in your area. For example, if you’re purchasing from a builders supply in Atlanta, you know the heat index can get extremely high during the summer months. Your choice of materials will need to address cooling as a priority.



Metal roofs are popular in Atlanta. They’re known for repelling the sun’s rays, in turn, maintaining the temperature of your home during the hot, summer months. Moreover, coolant technology is now being utilized, creating a dual-property system to protect your home from the hot, stagnant heat.

Metal roofs are also easy to install. Your contractor will be able to finish the job on time when they use roofing staples in Atlanta.


Structure Materials

There are a large number of building materials available for you to choose from. Each has its benefits based on the purpose and scope of your project.


  •         Cement

There are a variety of cement options, including cement mixed with other particles, like sand or gravel. The ratio of cement to other silts is how your contractor will decide which part of the building to construct with it. Any cement structure can then be coated, perhaps in a stucco style, to add appeal to the outer shell of the building or home.

  •         Adobe

Adobe construction is a well-documented style as far back as the days when people first settled in the United States. Because of its clay base, it’s well-suited for homes that, at times, literally bake in the hot sun. As such, many southern homes feature this self-cooling construction style. As with any building material, there’s always some risk. In this case, adobe construction does not hold up well during an earthquake. If you plan to build in an area where earthquakes are common, perhaps you want to choose a different base style.

  •         Aggregates

Drainage is often an issue near floodplains and bodies of water.  When pulling a permit, you can note if you’re required to take additional measures to ensure proper drainage. If so, it will be very important to use an aggregate, a gravel mixture, as a subfloor for your concrete slab. When your structure is complete it will settle onto a strong foundation.


Work with your contractor to assess the build site for all the factors discussed above, then visit a builders supply in Atlanta to get everything you need. Together, you’ll erect a long-lasting structure.