If you are looking for a roof replacement in Johns Creek, Preferred Roofing has all of your roofing supplies under one roof. As Atlanta’s leading roof replacement company, Preferred Roofing has been a trusted and reliable Atlanta roofing supply company for over 15 years. Our roofing experts are available to help with residential roof placement in Johns Creek and commercial roofing projects. A roofing supply company in Johns Creek, we supply tools, dumpsters, roofing and siding supplies, asphalt roofing materials, roofing shingles, and more.  Once you decide on the roofing materials you need, we will even deliver them to your doorstep. In addition, at Preferred Roofing, we can repair your roofing tools, including laddervators, compressors, and power tools. Preferred Roofing strives to be the best roof replacement company in John’s Creek, so your roof replacement is both affordable and convenient!

When to replace your roof

At Preferred Roofing, we know that it takes more than shingles to protect your home; it takes a complete roofing system. So, when is it time to replace your roof? First, consider the lifespan of your roof. Look at records to determine if your roof is near the end of its lifespan or if your roof shows signs of damage and wear. If you think you may need a new roof, you will need to schedule an inspection. It’s essential to regularly assess your roof’s condition checking for leaks, bald spots, and curling. Keep a close eye on your roof for hail damage as well.


Roof replacement on Johns Creek

If think you it is time for a roof replacement and you live in Johns Creek or even if you are building a new home, it’s important to partner with a trusted Atlanta roofing supply company that employs experts knowledgeable on the best roofing materials and supplies. Being that all roofs are not created the same, you’ll want to determine if your home has an A-Frame Roof, a Bonnet Roof, a Gable and Valley Roof, a Flat roof, or a Gambrel Roof. Once you know the style roof you have, you can find the best roofing materials within your budget. If you believe it is time for a roof replacement and live in the Johns Creek area, stop by Preferred Roofing and let our roofing experts help you find the best roofing supplies for the job.

As a family-owned roofing supply company with over 15 years of experience in the construction business, we pride ourselves in being Johns Creek’s best roofing supply company. Preferred Roofing offers trusted brands in roofing materials at affordable prices; so, you have the confidence that you are getting the best roofing materials for your project. Some of the brands we carry include Atlas, GAF, CertainTeed, IKO, TAMKO, Owners Corning, and more. As a one-stop-shop for Georgia roofing contractors, home builders, and investors we have everything you need to make your roof replacement in the Johns Creek area a breeze!