Ridge Pro Safety Tool

Safety in roofing is paramount. You have probably come across steep roofs while conducting roof repairs or inspections. Among safety tools, the ridge pro safety tool provides a firm grip for you to safely maneuver on top of steep roofs. Read more about the ridge pro safety tool below.

What is a ridge pro safety tool?

This is a roofing solution designed to help you easily access a roof and enhance your safety. With a ridge pro safety tool, you can safely transition from your ladder to the roof and back after completing your services.

Features of ridge pro safety tool

This tool has several features that make it reliable and efficient for your roofing activities. Below are some of these features.

  • The ridge pro safety tool is made of aluminum, making the tool lightweight and easy to transport and handle.
  • This tool has an adjustable pitch selection grid and can be used for 6∕12 to 12∕12 roof pitches.
  • The ridge pro safety tool comes with an adjustable extension pole that can help you anchor the tool firmly on the ridgeline without leaving your ladder.
  • The tool has wheels that let you easily direct your anchor to the peak of the roof without struggling.
  • The ridge pro safety tool has a pair of cross members that firmly attach to the floor of the roof. These cross members help you safely get on and off the roof and are padded to protect the roofing material from damage.
  • The cross members each have two holes that you can use to drill bolts and firmly secure the ridge pro to the roof. After you are done with your repairs, you can safely remove the bolts and seal the holes with silicone gel.
  • The ridge pro has a stainless steel shackle to which you can hook your rope for safe movement on the roof.

Benefits of the ridge pro safety tool

This tool has several benefits namely:

  • You can attach the ridge pro without stepping on the steep roof, which would put your safety at risk.
  • The ridge pro safety tool can withstand about 5000 pounds of pulling force, which makes it reliable and effective.
  • This tool can be used for different roof pitches and adjusted accordingly
  • You can easily access the roof’s peak with the ridge pro safety tool because the wheels make it easy to get the tool to the top
  • The ridge pro safety tool is easy to carry and assemble. You can also install the tool single-handedly.
  • When the ridge pro is properly anchored using bolts, you can access any part of the roof without risking your safety.
  • The tool complies with the OSHA standards when properly anchored and secured.

The ridge pro safety tool is an effective, lightweight, and durable tool that enhances your safety and improves work efficiency. If you are considering getting the ridge pro safety tool you can seek advice from professional suppliers. At Preferred Roofing, we can readily advise you on the best way forward and provide you with a high quality ridge pro tool. Contact us today to get the conversation started.