Pitch Hopper

Pitch Hopper Tool

Steep roofs can be challenging to work on without proper safety tools. Some tools can be hectic to use and carry around, causing fatigue and unproductive. On the other hand, tools like pitch hoppers can be very efficient for steep roofs. A pitch hopper provides a firm grip and helps you move around your roof easily. Learn more about a roof pitch hopper below.

Features of a pitch hopper

A pitch hopper has several features that make it a useful roofing tool. These features include:

  • The pitch hopper has a foam pad that firmly grips the roof’s surface to keep you safe when working on a steep roof.
  • You can use a roof pitch hopper on roofs with different pitches. The tool works with a walking pitch and a 12-12 pitch. This tool is suitable for asphalt shingle roofs and cannot work on metal roofs.
  • The tool is lightweight, meaning you can carry it and move around the roof easily.
  • A roof pitch hopper has a unique wedge shape that provides two surfaces for different roof pitches. One surface is more suitable for steeper roof pitches while the other can be used for less steep ones.
  • This tool is available in different colors, which you can select from depending on your taste.
  • The pitch hopper can sustain a weight of around 3000lbs for a single hopper. This makes the tool efficient for large weights without risking your safety. However, you should combine the use of a pitch hopper with other safety tools like harnesses to enhance your safety.

Benefits of a roof pitch hopper

You can get various benefits from pitch hopper roofing. They include:

  • The pitch hopper provides a comfortable working surface that helps you work effectively and deliver high-quality results.
  • With a roof pitch hopper, you can work on steeper roofs without risking your safety.
  • A pitch hopper is easy to carry around and use, unlike bulky roof ladders that might be cumbersome and require more than one person to carry.
  • This tool can help you increase productivity because it reduces fatigue. You can work on several projects in a day and increase your profits.
  • A roof pitch hopper is durable and can serve you for a considerable period. During this period, your roofing work can be made easier.
  • The pitch hopper enhances your safety and reduces roofing accidents. If you mostly work on dangerously steep roofs, you could encounter accidents that might render you unproductive or even incur serious injuries. You can reduce these risks greatly with a pitch hopper.

The pitch hopper is a roofing solution that can help you deliver your services effectively while ensuring your comfort and safety. You can work on different roof pitches without the fear of slipping off because the pitch hopper provides a firm grip and can hold a lot of weight. At Preferred Roofing, we can provide you with a high-quality pitch hopper for your roofing needs. Reach out to us today for more information.