How to Decide between Slate Tiles And Asphalt Roofing System

Along with the foundation, the roof is perhaps the most important part of your home. Literally, everything about your home relies on the roof for protection. If you have a failing roof, the costs of dealing with it can pile up quick, so it’s important that your roof is in good shape. But what kind of roof is best for you? When looking for roofs in Atlanta, asphalt shingle and slate tile are the most common, so here are some pros and cons of each.


Asphalt Roof Shingles – the Pros

Asphalt roofs are by far the most frequent option for homeowners. Just because it’s the most common, doesn’t mean it’s not high quality. Asphalt is usually the least expensive option. While some shingles will cost more than others, generally, asphalt is a very cost-effective options. It’s also relatively easy to install. A somewhat uncomplicated installation process, asphalt shingles don’t require any special expertise, making the shingles simple to install as well as repair. Furthermore, asphalt shingles are available in a practically limitless variety of colors, ensuring you’ll find shingles that will match your home as well as your neighborhood.


Asphalt Roof Shingles – the Cons

Asphalt roof shingles don’t last forever. The good news is, they’re must more durable than they used to be and can last up to 30 years or even more. Also, asphalt roof shingles are vulnerable to getting blown off in extreme weather, and are susceptible to damage from extreme changes in temperature. The important thing is to repair damaged tiles as quickly as possible before the damage spreads to the surrounding tiles. Properly cared for, however, you can expect decades of excellent service out of your asphalt shingles. Atlanta has several high quality roofers who can see to it you won’t be disappointed.


Slate Roof Tiles – the Pros

Slate roof tiles are an attractive option. While tastes vary, many people prefer the classic elegance of slate roofs. However, one of the most obvious benefits to slate is their long life. A professionally installed slate roof can last up to 100 years and beyond. Much of this is due to its durability. Slate can withstand strong winds, is fireproof and impermeable to water. It’s also the most environmentally friendly material for your home. Composed almost entirely of rock with some composite material thrown in, it’s perhaps the greenest roofing material available.


Slate Roof Tiles – the Cons

All that longevity comes with a price. Slate roofs are very expensive compared to other materials, up to several thousands of dollars more. It’s also a very heavy material, so slate puts more strain on your house which can lead to other structural problems down the road. Finally, the process for installing slate tile roofs is far more complicated than asphalt, so you’ll have to find a contractor who specializes in slate. Also, because it requires a certain type of expertise, don’t assume you’ll be able to make any repairs on your slate roof on your own. You’ll need to bring a pro in for that as well.


Much of the decision comes down to how much you want to spend. While slate is a lovely material, asphalt roofs have improved so much in the last few years, they now give slate roofs a run for their money. Contact the experts at Preferred Roofing to learn more!