Different Types of Roofs for Houses

Whether building a new home or just replacing your current roof, there are many different types and styles of roof to choose from. Here are some of the most common or most popular roof styles and reasons you might consider each one. When thinking about roof replacements or the roof for your new home, it’s key to think about the roofing shingles in Atlanta and work with an Atlanta roofing companythat knows all about the different types of roofing styles and materials.


1. A-Frame Roof

An A-frame roof is pretty easy to identify. It is generally a steep roof with a peak at the top. This is a very simple roof design and depending on the material might be an inexpensive option. There are a lot of different material options that would be a good fit for A-frame roofing, but the most common are asphalt shingles.


2. Bonnet Roof

The name of the bonnet roof was given because of its unique shape. It might look similar to an A-frame roof, but has an extending ledge at the bottom. A bonnet roof is identified only by that extending ledge, which is used as additional protection for your home from water and weather.


3. Gable and Valley Roof

The gable and valley roof design is often also known as a cross gable roof. This is a very popular roof design that you probably have seen many times before without knowing the name of it. The gable and valley roof is also known as a cross gable roof because the home will have a cross footprint. It’s possible to mix roof styles with this type of roof also.


4. Flat Roof

Flat roofs might look plain when looking at them from the curb, but they are being used much more frequently now in modern homes. Mid-century style homes commonly have flat roofs as well. This is a great option if you like art deco style homes or want a home with clean straight lines for a more contemporary look and feel.


5. Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs are very unique in that they have 4 sides that meet at a peak. They have two sides extending out from the peak of the roof that are not as steep as the other two sides. It’s a very popular look for gambrel roofs to also include window dormers for a more traditional style.


No matter what type of roof you decide to have built on your home, make sure you get a few estimates from different roofing contractors and companies to guide you through the process. Not all roofs are created equal, and finding a material and style that works for your needs and budget is essential.