Different Parts of a Roof StructureDifferent Parts of a Roof Structure

There are many different parts of a roof, as well as different types of roofs, including gable, flat, and mansard. For the most part, though, a typical roof structure will consist of the following parts.

First is the frame of the roof structure. The truss is the “skeleton” of a roof, made of a series of parallel beams. The rafters are the supporting beams that run from the apex to the bottom of a roof, holding up the truss. Eaves are the edges of a roof, typically overhanging the vertical exterior walls of a building. They consist of fascia, soffits, and drip edges.

Then there is the finishing layer on top of the roof. The sheathing consists of boarding—either plywood or particle board—that is laid on top of the truss. It adds structural integrity to the frame and provides a base for the underlayment and shingles. Underlayment is a waterproof seal that is often made of felt and lays over the sheathing. Flashing, meanwhile, is a metal strip that forms a watertight seal between the roof shingles and other materials, like a chimney or vent.

Last but not least are the shingles, which can be made of asphalt, clay, wood, metal, or something else entirely. This top, finishing layer provides waterproofing and a neat appearance.

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