Comparing Aluminum and Steel Ladders

No matter what the job is, there’s a ladder to help get it done. The challenge is determining whether the best ladder is aluminum or steel. For industrial uses in the Atlanta area, either material could offer the best solution; it depends on the job. Read here for a comparison of steel and aluminum ladders.

Is Steel the Best Material?

Steel isn’t a new industrial material. In fact, it’s been around for more than 4,000 years. If you buy a steel ladder, you can feel confident you’re buying something which has stood the test of time. Steel ladders are heavier than aluminum. This makes them ideal for use in the roofing and construction industries. Their weight is one disadvantage of steel ladders. If you aren’t strong enough to move them, you’ll have to recruit help. Steel also conducts electricity, meaning you’ll need to stay off the ladder during inclement weather. The strength of steel is also one of its major advantages. A steel ladder will have no problem holding up under your weight and the weight of any tools you carry up with you.

The Advantage of Aluminum

Aluminum may not have a long history like steel, but aluminum has still been around since the early 19th century. At one time, aluminum was more precious than gold. By the end of the 19th century, it was more economical to buy the material and people started using it as a building material. Aluminum is lighter weight than steel. Its weight makes it ideal for household use. It’s also a favorite of professional interior painters for the same reason. Like steel, aluminum ladders conduct electricity. If your job includes the use of electrical equipment, aluminum is a poor choice. To ensure aluminum will work for a specific job, visit a ladder supply company and try it out.

The Rust Issue

One of these ladders is prone to rust. For the other, rust isn’t an issue. If you leave a steel ladder outside long enough, it will develop rust. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it outside, but you will need to find indoor storage for your steel ladders. Aluminum ladders are rustproof. Roofing companies and other construction companies usually have a few aluminum extension ladders. They work great for getting up on a roof. For the company who uses ladders outdoors or doesn’t have access to indoor storage, buying aluminum ladders makes sense since they won’t wear out as quickly due to rust.

The Durability Test

Since steel ladders are heavier than aluminum, it makes sense that they’re more durable. For industrial and commercial use, steel is the best choice because it’s resilient. If your ladder bears the brunt of the job, buy steel. Steel can take being bumped and banged around without denting. Resilience doesn’t mean you can treat your steel ladders carelessly. Take care of them and they’ll treat you well too. As far as durability, aluminum is not a heavy-duty material. While it doesn’t rust, because it’s a lighter weight material, aluminum bends.

Which Ladder Is Best?

If you’re looking for industrial ladders for sale in Atlanta, you want to know whether you should buy steel or aluminum. The answer is both! Both ladders offer excellent solutions for roofing and construction companies. Most trades have multiple types of jobs where both ladders can help people get work done safely. You won’t go wrong with either.

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