Benefits of Roof Flashing

What are the benefits?

Roof flashing plays a critical part in protecting your roof and has several benefits that you may not be aware of. Here are a couple of benefits of roof flashing. 

  • The core advantage of employing roof flashing is that it prevents water from entering your walls through common entrance sites like roof joints, chimneys, vents, or doors and windows. It implies that the step is critical while replacing your roof or building a new home.


  • Roof flashing is also a long-lasting process. Copper and steel roof flashing last  for years with little maintenance.


Now that you understand the many types of roof flashings and their benefits, it is critical to recognize that roof flashings do not often last as long as the roof. All roofs require roof flashing to be replaced at least once during the roof’s  lifespan. It is important to know that  rubber boots can deteriorate over time due to frequent exposure to UV radiation and the sun heat. 


Strong winds or impact from wind-blown objects might cause some flashing to become loosened. So, be sure to check that roof flashing is installed in the proper areas of your roof and have a roof inspection done as part of your roof’s routine maintenance to be sure that the roof flashing is in good condition. It is always best to take a proactive approach to your roof rather than waiting until you notice signs of damage or water leaks.