A Guide To Roof Parts And Roofing Shingles

Your roofing system is designed to offer protection and security from harsh weather elements. It is made up of several components that provide support to your roofing structure. The type of roofing shingles you choose can also determine how long your roof lasts. Learn more about roof parts and shingles below.

Parts of a roof frame

Below is a coverage of the parts of a roof frame.

Ridge board

A ridge board is a horizontal board that connects the rafters on opposite sides of your roof frame to form a peak. The ridge board is the highest point of your roof frame.


Rafters are a series of sloped wooden or metal beams that run from the roof’s ridge to the edge of the roof. Rafters are parts of a roof frame that support the roof deck, shingles, and other external roofing materials.

Ceiling joists

Ceiling joists are a series of structural beams that run horizontally between the rafters on opposite sides of the roof frame. The ceiling joists are parts of a roof frame that provide the framework required to attach and support the ceiling.

Collar ties

Collar ties are horizontal beams used to connect opposing rafters to prevent ridge separation from extreme winds. They are installed in the upper one-third section of the roof frame near the ridge.


The tail is the part of the rafter that stretches out beyond the wall of your building. These are the parts of a roofing frame that form the eaves.


The fascia is a horizontal beam that is attached to the edge of your rafters to conceal the eaves and protect your home from harsh weather elements.