4 Ways to Save Money on a New Roof

If you have just found out that you need a new roof, then a sense of panic may have built up in you. How are you supposed to be able to afford this? If you are building a new house, then you might worry that a great deal of your construction budget will be depleted for roof installation. However, if you have roofing needs, there are certainly ways to save on your project. For example, Atlanta discount roofing companies can build you a great, high-quality roof for a surprisingly low price. These are 4 great ways to save money on a new roof without compromising on quality.

  • Find Materials on Sale – Just like any retail products you shop for, roofing shingles, metal flashing, and other roofing materials often go on sale. The manufacturer may have discontinued a product, overproduced it, or simply had it on the market for too long. Because the majority of the cost of a roof goes toward the materials themselves, finding materials on sale or clearance saves you big money on your overall project costs.
  • Find a Wholesaler – Don’t shop for your roofing products at hardware stores. Instead, find everything from metal roofing to building materials at a wholesaler, a vendor that works directly with manufacturers so that you don’t have to pay retail prices. While some big box home improvement chains may claim to offer the best prices, working with a wholesaler offers the best savings.
  • File a Claim – You pay for your insurance policy for a reason. Why not use the services you buy and file a claim with your insurance company? Home and business owners who need a replacement roof could successfully file a claim if weather damage, mold, or another factor outside your control has damaged your roof.
  • Negotiate with Your Contractor – When contractors quote you for work, they aren’t setting that price in stone. Be willing to ask for a lower price—this simple act is surprisingly effective—and negotiate for a savings. For example, many contractors charge less for labor in the fall because the working conditions are more favorable (not too hot or cold), and offer to find and provide your own materials for less.

Be sure to follow this advice if you need a replacement roof or roof for a new construction project. Atlanta discount roofing companies can help you get a high-quality roof for less. Don’t skimp on quality or keep a damaged and dangerous roof. Invest in great materials and services at great prices.