Shingles Tips to Pick the Right Shingle Color

Choosing your new roof is a decision in which your aesthetic preference factors in heavily. There are other factors besides looks to consider, however, including your home’s energy efficiency. Since your roof makes up a major portion of the outside appearance of your home, this is a decision that you won’t want to make lightly. Instead, take some time to consider a few factors that should influence your decision in regard to shingle color. Read on to learn more about these factors.

Energy Efficiency

Although ventilation and insulation are the main things to consider when you're trying to keep your home cool, the color of your shingles does bear some consideration. Lighter colors are always more reflective than darker colors, so it makes sense that lighter shingles on top of your home could help cut your air conditioning bill. This factor can be important in places like Georgia, where hot weather is the norm for a good portion of the year. The state of California even requires new roofs to be “cool roofs,” meaning the asphalt shingles contain high reflectance granules that help bounce the sun's heat off homes’ exteriors. If you’re having a roof replaced, a contractor who specializes in this type of building can tell you if your state has such requirements in place and how you can attain compliance.

The Aesthetics

Now, on to the larger consideration of aesthetics. Possibly the most important choice when it comes to shingle color has to do with the exterior color of your home. It's important not to choose a shingle color that's going to clash with the color of your home's siding or brick. Siding in the blue or gray families is naturally going to go better with gray or black shingles. A house that falls in the wide range of beige hues will probably look good with a brown roof. If you have a truly white house, you’re in luck because this shade looks good with almost any color of shingle.

Roof Shingles

Brick and Other Materials

Material of your home’s exterior will also probably prove to be a significant factor in your choice. If you have a brick or shingle-sided house, you’ll need to offer the same considerations to shingle color. The variation that brick often brings to the equation, however, can give you a little wiggle room when you’re choosing a color to go with it. Consider employing a contrast for a dramatic look. For example, if you have honey-colored shingles or logs on the exterior of your home, a dark grey or black roof might be just the hue to offset the home’s main color enough to make it stand out even more.

The Decision

Now that you know a little bit more about matching the color of your shingles to your home's exterior and also how shingle color can affect air conditioner efficiency, you should be able to begin the process of choosing new shingles for your home. Finding a shingle color you love is essential since a new roof is an investment that you’ll probably only make every 20 years or so. You’re simply not going to get very many chances to change it, so you might as well spend a little time on the decision now, so you know you’ll be happy going forward.  See for more tips and information as you begin searching for roofing shingles in Stockbridge.