Choosing the Perfect Shingle Nails

When beginning a roofing project, there are plenty of decisions you need to make. One of these decisions is choosing the types of fastener you’ll use for your new roof. Will you use staples or nails? Ask any local roofing company, and they’ll always tell you the only good option is nails for shingles in Fairburn. Here is some information to help you choose the best shingle nails.

About Roofing Nails

As you begin a roofing job, especially a re-roofing project, it’s critical that you choose the appropriate type of nails to ensure longevity and quality. When you start to research roofing materials in Fairburn, you’ll find that there are different nails to choose from. Walk into any hardware store, and you’ll find hundreds of types of nails. However, when it comes to roofing, you need specific nails made for roofing. Roofing nails are larger and have a broader head than regular nails. They are built to withstand weather and other roof hazards.

Choose Galvanized Nails

Most roofing nails available are galvanized, but what does this really mean? For a nail to be considered galvanized, it must undergo a process that makes it highly resistant to corrosion. Of course, there are several kinds of galvanized nails and not all are right for your roof. When purchasing roofing nails, look for galvanized nails that are hot-dipped. These types of nails provide the best quality and last the longest. Stay away from nails that tend to lose their coating such as electro-plated nails.

About Metal Roofing in Fairburn

If your roof consists of metal panels and not shingles, you need different metal roofing materials in Fairburn. Instead of nails, you need to use screws as fasteners. Using screw guarantees long-lasting installation that won’t be susceptible to problems later down the line. With metal materials, homeowners have to deal with frequent contraction and expansion of the roof as the weather changes. Roofing nails don’t work well with this process. However, like with shingle nails, make sure to choose screws that are galvanized and rust-resistant.

Professional Roofing Advice

It’s never recommended that inexperienced homeowners install shingles or metal roofing panels. Instead, contact local roofers with years of experience installing all types of residential roofing material. Doing so guarantees that you’ll have a leak-proof roof that keeps your home protected year-round. There’s too much at stake with your residential roof to leave anything to chance.

If you have questions about roofing materials, contact plumbing companies with experience using nails for shingles in Fairburn. Better yet, contact Preferred Roofing, the area’s top roofing supply company. Don’t purchase roofing materials from just any company. Choose a company with a reputation for selling quality materials that stand the test of time. Taking the time to choose carefully now always saves you from frustration years down the line.